Ghostwriter – Dimensions EP. 7″ vinyl with download. 4 March 2013.

Ghostwriter - DimensionsChaffinch are thrilled to announce that our next release will be from Ghostwriter.


Following the acclaimed 2010 release on Second Language, The Continuing Adventures Of The Strange Sound Association, Ghostwriter (aka Devon-based musician and writer Mark Brend) returns with the Dimensions EP.


Where The Continuing Adventures… parlayed literary ghost recordings and psycho-geographic notes into oblique vignettes, Dimensions offers sonic collage as a distillation of memory, place and recondite spirituality.


The title track finds Brend joined by Belbury Poly/Ghost Box’s Jim Jupp for an imagined walk through 1930s London alongside Christian mystic writer Charles Williams.  This 11 minute rumination is bookended with two short pieces, Autobiographical Sketch no. 1, and With Stringed Instruments, A Song, featuring Brend’s former Fariñabandmates Matt Gale and Tim Conway.

A fourth download-only track, Bidding Bell, finds Brend drawing regular Ghostwriter collaborator Suzy Mangion and new recruit Adrian Ramsey into a pastoral/choral conversation with God.


This is available on 7″ vinyl with accompanying digital download and is limited to 200 copies.  The release date is 4 March 2013.