Close Your Eyes EP: reviews

Close Your Eyes EPHere’s Close Your Eyes EP which is a split four song EP featuring 1. The Stevenson Ranch Davidians with Let It All Go which is a Spiritualized sounding groove out. 2. James William Hindle and Calvin Halliday produce a gentle cover by Jackson Brown in a lovely tartan shirted delicate way. Track 3 is Fence Collective member Rich Amino with Molly May and another acoustic guitar track which makes ya foot tap and your mouth smile at the repetitive ha ha chorus. Track 4 and Sancho has plugged in his computer and is making pretty electronic pop niceness with jerky beats and xylophone tinkling.

Maggie, Norman Records 2007.

From the little label that brought you the splendid Anthony Reynolds EP, Close Your Eyes showcases 4 other eclectic artists that should woo your affections. The California based Stevenson Ranch Davidians lead off the EP with “Let It All Go”. The band’s straight-forward, jangly nature is layered with reverbed chords, southern organ fills, and a bit of alt-country psychedelia. I’d like to hear an album’s worth of this stuff.

The folky duo of James William Hindle & Calvin Halliday play an intimate cover of Jackson Browne’s ode to Nico, “Birds Of St. Marks”. Their guitar and vocal tones are warm and inviting, creating a cozy, introspective soundtrack. Next up is Rich Amino, a Londoner who devours smart, indie art-pop, as proven by his sweet gem “Molly May”. My guess is that Amino owns every Jens Lekman single. A great, simple…simply great song. This 4-song EP is concluded with Sancho’s “You’re My Lemonade”, a weirded out and abstract collage of percussion, synth yanking, and chilled out guitar work. Think of Air in jamming mode, and you’d have the right idea.

This is a fun little EP that works well to illustrate the strength of Chaffinch. More power to them.

The Black And White Magazine 2007