Touch Sensitive – Burnt Island and La Muñeca de Sal

Touch Sensitive is a project created to promote music from Scotland and Spain.  On Friday the 8th June they release their first of three compilations.  Titled ‘2×6‘ it features Chaffinch associates Burnt Island and La Muñeca de Sal.

There is an album launch at The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane, Glasgow.  For further info on the album release and launch night, visit Touch Sensitive’s website.


Lucky Luke album – release date and first review!

Lucky Luke - Travelling For A LivingChaffinch are pleased to announce that Luke Luke’s Travelling For A Living  CD album will be released on 21st June 2012.

We’re also thrilled with the first review to appear.  A glowing one at that, in The Word:

‘With age, expectations sink. How could they not? You get used to things. You’re harder to surprise. You can’t remember the last time you underwent a full-blown epiphany. It’s a realisation brought into sharp relief by the experience of going to see gigs.  If you see enough workmanlike performances on the trot, you even start to wonder what it would take to hear music so wonderful that you’d be moved to do something really stupid in order to get more of it.  At the 2004 Green Man, I found my answer in Glasgow’s Lucky Luke. In a hot marquee, three skinny blokes in floral shirts and two women in patterned dresses – the bastard progeny of The Pastels in ’86 and Fairport in ’69 – brought their clattering uplift to bear upon a mixture of trad arrs and original songs.  I cornered Morag Wilson (harmonium, vocals) and Lucy Sweet (vocals, autoharp) and and asked when her band might play London.  They had no plans. I put them on myself.  Barely anyone came. I lost £500.  The band stayed at my house. Next day, as I waved them goodbye, they left me demos of their second album Travelling For A Living.  One hour later, I didn’t care about the £500. In my head, I rationalised it thus: when Lucky Luke’s second album comes out to rave reviews, I’ll be boasting about this.

But, of course, plans don’t always go according to themselves.  And in the case of Lucky Luke, there were deals that fell through; there were newborn babies and there were “real” jobs – all of these factors now conspiring to make Travelling For A Living a posthumous release.  There’ll be no more epiphanies in marquees, but here’s a document of a band at the precise point of vertical take-off, where they leave the sum of their constituent parts far behind them.  You can hear it in on Mud In The Milk, where Sweet launches into a narrative about “a wild-hearted girl who cannot be contained by any man” with a gusto that calls to mind the young Kirsty MacColl.  There’s Jackie too, which refracts the ramshackle humanity of old Big Star records through late nights with early Steeleye Span albums.  Wherever you alight on Travelling For A Living, the collision of melody and execution is life-affirming, and no more so than on Morag Wilson and guitarist Simon Shaw’s title track, a lament for the human debris left behind when people throughout history have been forced get on their proverbial bikes in search of work.’  Pete Paphides.



Anthony Reynolds – Kingdom Of Me EP: available now plus video

Kingdom Of Me EP is now available from iTunes and Amazon.

The full tracklisting is:

1.  Life’s Too Long

2.  The Laws Of The Game

3.  Paying Off My Bar Tab In Hell

4.  The High Grass Of Summer

5.  Kingdom Of Me


To coincide with the release our good friend Gordon Robertson has created an excellent video for Life’s Too Long:



Anthony Reynolds – Life’s Too Long. Release date 20th February 2012

Chaffinch are now taking pre-orders for Life’s Too Long.  Goto the Chaffinch shop.  Orders will be shipped on Friday, the 17th of February.

The following stores will also be selling the album – Action Records in Preston, Avalanche in Edinburgh, loveMUSIC in Glasgow, Monorail in Glasgow, Norman Records in Leeds and Sister Ray in London.





Anthony Reynolds – Life’s Too Long

As previously revealed Chaffinch will be releasing an Anthony Reynolds retrospective titled Life’s Too Long.  This is a 30 track 2-CD set taking a look at his career from 1995 – 2011 as a solo artist as well as tracks from his time with Jack and Jacques.  The CD also contains a luscious sixteen page booklet with wonderful illustrations by Cardiff based artist Virginia Roberts-Head.

The release date is 20 February 2012 and will be available directly from the Chaffinch shop, Amazon and a number of independent retailers in the UK.