Music and Maths available now


Wait no more! You can now buy the excellent Music and Maths from Burnt Island direct from the Chaffinch shop.This “beautiful and understated” mini-album truly is “an auspicious debut”.Or in the band’s own words “It’s quite subtle, understated stuff – I like to think of it as 3am music, like someone is sitting on your shoulder whispering sour nothings into your ear …”Buy Music and Maths by Burnt Island

Burnt Island live dates

Not seen Burnt Island live yet?


Here’s a few more dates for your diary.19th March: King Tut’s, Glasgow (supporting Emma Pollock)24th March: The Forest Café, Edinburgh26th March: Roxy Art House, Edinburgh (with Alan Bissett, Adam Stafford and The Kays Lavelle)